Meet Dr. Keith Coombs

Meet Dr. Keith Coombs

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For Dr. Keith Coombs, being an orthodontist truly is the family profession. Both his father and brother are an orthodontist and a dentist, respectively. His sister is even a dental hygienist in Utah. So, needless to say, Dr. Coombs comes from a family that loves to help people achieve the healthiest smiles possible.

Dr. Coombs started his education at Utah State University, where he was also an accomplished athlete and member of the college ski and soccer teams.

From there, he began his dental education at the University of the Pacific Dental School. While there, he excelled in the program and graduated in the top 5% of his class.

During his time at the University of the Pacific Dental School, Dr. Coombs received several awards for his scholastic achievements. These included induction into the TKO Dental Honor Society as well as the OKU National Dental Honor Fraternity.

Dr. Coombs graduated from the dental program in 2005. From there, he attended Temple University in Philadelphia to complete his orthodontic training and residencies.

He also earned his master’s in oral biology from Temple University shortly after. For his thesis, Dr. Coombs worked on a project that studied the effectiveness of the Invisalign System. Building on that knowledge, Dr. Coombs is an expert in using Invisalign to treat his patients. He can also provide patients with traditional braces or other technologies based on the needs and circumstances of each patient.

Dr. Coombs has extended his knowledge and practice to involve all areas of facial esthetics. This includes the use of Botox for certain conditions. He also can treat patients with fillers to aid with overall facial esthetics beyond just a beautiful smile.

Dr. Keith Coombs holds memberships in several distinguished professional organizations. These include the American Dental Association, the American Association of Orthodontists, the Rocky Mountain Society of Orthodontists, and the New Mexico state dental and orthodontic societies.

Dr. Coombs is an avid learner, and his training and education have never stopped. He often gives lectures on the latest dental and orthodontic techniques. During these lectures, he can consult with other colleagues in the profession to further his own skills and competency.

Being an athlete in college, Dr. Coombs enjoys the outdoors and still does to this day. Along with his wife Cathie and their six children, they like to spend their free time enjoying nature and participating in outdoor sports around their community.

If you have been looking for a highly skilled and dedicated orthodontist, make sure to contact Dr. Keith Coombs, DDS at Desert Orthodontics. He's been happily serving his community in New Mexico and has helped countless people enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile.